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Because they said that Jews Rock.

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But, maybe im reading into too much, I figured that was sarcastic so it would get the opposite attention

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Nick being a car salesman probably helped, unironically. He's a good talker. Lazzo enjoyed the pilots and such so they got a shot, it was several years in the making and undoubtedly a lot of bargaining and persuading. You're right though it was a miracle.

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Also Lazzo hates the fucking Jews, according to Sam

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It really fits well with the rest of Adult Swim's content stylistically, plus it's so post-ironic that it's hard to tell whether Sam really has right wing views. Until he couldn't keep his mouth shut on Twitter, of course.

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From everything that I’ve heard, Mike Lazzlo at Adult Swim has a lot of leeway to make decisions and what airs and is willing to give just about anything two seasons if he thinks someone is going to watch it or if he finds it interesting.

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Charls Carrol is an enticing trap that the execs couldn't pass on (if y'know what I'm sayin')

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I know this pretty rave girl

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The prevailing theory is Sam made a fake pilot that was nothing like the actual show.

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Just an FYI, the tv show is called World Peace. Million Dollar Extreme is just the 'brand'.

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Sam is full Jew just look at his dad

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