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"we burned the children alive to protect them"

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Ruby Ridge > Waco

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Ruby ridge is the first. Keep up the good work brother!!!! - Bob Sent from my Blackberry

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USS liberty, the pearl harbour incident, creation of the federal reserve, the lies told to start bombing Afghanistan, Sadam Hussein and the Gulf War 1 & 2.0, Ghadaffi, fractional reserve banking, the factual proof of democrat meddling in 2016 election, allowing Robert Mueller to lose 3 black boxes from the wtc complex, the insurance fraud perpetrated by larry silverstein, robbery of the gold from fort knox, the gulf of tonken non incidient, the murder of jfk, the lucitania, war on drugs, war on terroisim, the hallofcost, we got a priest to bless a nuke that was dropped over a christian community using the church as the target for christ sake!

Dig deeper my son

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Q did not predict this mom I'm sorry to say.

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I have no pity for those who follow a false prophet

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Fucking jews

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Lots of white women with guns with the same baby daddy, not ok.

Lots of TMZ approved people with the same baby daddy and guns perfectly ok and celebrated.

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That's very low on the list of attacks on American people. A cult ran by an idiot who thought he was God, brainwashed families, raped married women and molested their kids and his own.

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And burning all those women and children alive got Clinton re-elected, so it was obviously the voters' will.

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Got an uh-oh? better call Waco!

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