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Voaters believe the gender black pill is a false tool to continue to reduce white population and deal a morale blow to the growing right.

White women show racial preferences more than white men on dating apps, and dating apps are the bottom of the relationship barrel. People only get more selective from there.

Women and men should work together and work on themselves for the betterment of all.

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I agree, unfortunately as long as the state and 'democracy' exist they will be used by women to import fresh multi-culty dick and subsidize whoredom by forcing productive men to pay for single mothers on threat of violence. In essence, it is a shit-test writ large. The men of the west must control our women, or we will allow ourselves to be destroyed by them testing our mettle.

It's only when women are put in their proper place in the hierarchy by men that they can act rationally for the betterment of all, including their family and extended genetic familiy.