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Here's some stuff from the crew you should watch to get the gist:

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I've never seen some of these, pretty damn funny.

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These are Sam Hyde's people. He had a show called Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace. It was kiked from Adult Swim like last year or something. Then its official subreddit got shoahed for making fun of Serena Gorrilliams.

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Oy vey nothing to see here

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I still think they missed an opportunity to call her Serena Gorillarms.

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fugg now i gotta build a time machine


[–] perrin 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

from here:

"MDE is a homeless man shitting in a parking lot and using it to write biblical quotes on the windshields of brand new Scion tC's."

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It’s a place where the dim spark of the early 2000s 2nd wave of internet culture still burns, calling back to the time when people would do jokes and make funnies for free without trying to build a Personal Brand that leads to a patreon page, a YouTube career or a podcast.

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Reminds me of albino black sheep

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A bunch of lefty incels larping and having a laugh at our expense.

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Our? Mr 4 month old account. You also didn't include yourself so I'll assume you aren't a part of them, so I'll wait for them to tell what this nonsense is

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isn't voat an incel mecca?

much more likely the existing users are incels

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Go let the rebbe bite your dick. Again.

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Voaters believe the gender black pill is a false tool to continue to reduce white population and deal a morale blow to the growing right.

White women show racial preferences more than white men on dating apps, and dating apps are the bottom of the relationship barrel. People only get more selective from there.

Women and men should work together and work on themselves for the betterment of all.

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There's no such thing as involuntary celibate. Standards. It's called having standards. Contrary to tradition, they seem to now result in a lessened ability to make that sweet, sweet whoopie.

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They remind of when my younger brother trash talked people all night on aol chat. One of his things was to convince people they knew him when they were total strangers.

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Well it certainly explains why faggy comments have increased this week. I almost created a "WTF is going on with voat?" post because after a few back and forths the shill factor seemed especially strong. Ugh....

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Not shills, just retarded people with extra chromosomes

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You really missed a golden opportunity when you didn’t make that post. There still time to correct that!!

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Skit comedy show on Adult Swim

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