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Conservatism is a slippery slope in a real sense. At least as it exists today, conservatives are always trying to preserve the status quo from 30 years ago, but what they're trying to "preserve" is always slipping further into degeneracy. 30 years from now a conservative will encourage gays and trannies, while complaining about how pedos and dogfuckers are just a bit too much. But 30 years from then they'll be protecting that shit, while bitching about the next wave of garbage. It's unsustainable, and ultimately doesn't conserve a goddamn thing.

You need a specific set of ideals to conserve, not just whatever was cool a generation ago.

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What they used to espouse as Conservatism in the late 90's/early 2000's, now is considered fringe libertarianism. I don't know how anyone takes people like Rush Limbaugh seriously as he has flip flopped and jumped through so many hoops over the years to carry the water for the Republican party. The only one with any principles is Michael Savage, and even though he's a Jew and gets a lot of shit wrong, especially on Israel, his mantra of Borders, Language, and Culture and his reverence of classic masculinity get him a lot of points in my book.

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GLR was an American hero.

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Uncle George had a lot of things worked out, and it's a tragedy his work and his legacy are so poisoned solely because people can't handle a logo.

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"conservatives" are weak cucks to society who are deathly afraid of being called a racist, thus DEMOCRAPS ARE THE REEEEAL RACISTS

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As always Rockwell with a great speech

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I have always thought of conservatives of weak cucks getting tossed around and disrespected, but branding as a nazi is intensely demonized so the best option is really to not conform to a name of an ideology. Very real speech.

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I woke my libertarian-on-the-path-to-right-wing roommate up with this, and all he did was laugh and say “man, he’s so right.”

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=ld-7K7tWd-o :

George Lincoln Rockwell on (((conservatives))) - YouTube

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