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Just think how far we've slipped in so little time. This would have been standard internet centrist content in 2007, and now it is evil racist extremist "dangerous" content.

On the bright side, labeling reasonable people as radical is a good way to legitimately radicalize them.

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Twitter used to refer to themselves as the “free speech wing of the free speech party”

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So did reddit.

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Twitters @jack was telling Congress that twitter is the town square. Hopefully Trump will make it so.

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Even if they were a platform of free speech it’s just about the worst possible layout for representing ideas and having an intelligent conversation. We’re not exactly missing out on anything.

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More and more people are getting sick of the bullshit. The problem is that the media makes them feel alone, isolated in their views that something is terribly amiss. But when you talk to them one on one and they trust you, you'll hear all kinds of shit that they'd never post on social media.

A sssmall minority of whiny fucks, backed/supported/created by a specific group of people that have a stranglehold on mainstream media intentionally try to make people believe that everyone is on board with this bullshit, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Make friends with your neighbors.

Get fit, get armed, make good friends.

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I dug up a post on the old sub that describes the challenge we're facing. Can't find the username of the author though.


So last night I was relaxing and watching some YouTube as you do when all of a sudden the lights went out. Peeked out the window and noticed all of the houses around me had lost power, so I popped on some shoes and headed outside to investigate. Walked up to the corner and saw even the traffic lights were out so at that point I knew it was something with the wider power grid.

When I turned back to walk to my place I noticed a bunch of neighbors had ventured outside to investigate as well and I struck up a conversation. As I was talking to them it dawned on me I really had never spoken to these people. I've lived next to them for years and knew next to nothing about them aside from the cars they drove. It was mostly small talk, "Yeah, I walked up the block and the lights are out the whole way down, looks like we'll just have to wait on the electric company to fix it".

As time went on more and more people came out to see what was up and a small group formed. An older woman chimed in with "I was doing some knitting and then just like that the lights went out", "We were in the middle of a movie" a middle aged couple added.

It went on like this for about 15 minutes until the hum of AC units kicking back in alerted us all to the fact that our power was restored. Immediately the entire group just said "ok heading back inside, bye", as if we were moths drawn to the flame. I did the same and when I sat down the only thing I could think of was those famous 14 words, "the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race". We all had about 20 minutes of genuine neighborly interaction after ignoring each other for years but when the juice came back on we marched home like zombies and I'm sure won't speak to each other again in any meaningful way any time soon.

Also some fucking Singaporean stole my Google password at 4am while I was sleeping but thankfully Google locked him out, unrelated but what the fuck man.

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Yeah when this pendulum swings back there’s gonna be no stopping it

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Nah, this would have been raycis in 07, also, but it would have still been allowed to be laughed at as well as her without people losing their jobs.

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Nah, back in 07 a high school teacher could have this posed on his wall of knick knacks and no one would give a shit

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No fucking way, this is Mark Knight! Any Australian would recognize him!

He's a cartoonist for one of the biggest newspapers in the country. This is no radical alt-right provocateur, this is your bog standard normie political cartoonist, and one of the top two most famous in our country, and he's being banned!?

I wouldn't be surprised if he had no idea what forces he was messing with when he drew Serena with the same style and expression that he would draw anyone else.

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heh... maybe he'll think about that next time he draws a realistic racist depiction of an african american

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Aussies are naturally redpilled. They haven't been exposed to as much wall-to-wall propaganda as we have been in the US and Europe. Plus, they see first hand and understand the IQ difference when they meet aboriginals.

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Stop engaging with the tools of the enemy then.

It's horrible, but is it at all surprising?

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no he wasnt banned

he was bullied into deactivating

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Do we have any evidence of either (in particular)?

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https://twitter.com/knightcartoons says account doesnt exist instead of account suspended. last i saw his comic tweet had 30.3k likes and 29k comments which is isnt that bad considering “racist” stuff on twitter usually gets flooded with way more comments than likes (aka ratio’d) due to the top-down proggy culture fostered there

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how can the ref be sexist to serena when serena is a man. (-;

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The real question is: if Serena and Michelle Obama got together, which would pretend to be pregnant?

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Let's see drawing black people is a hate crime... Looking at black people is a hate crime... Talking to black people is a hate crime... You know the more I read about this whole hate crime thing, the more I like it.

You should not be allowed to do those things!

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i am very happy this made the leftist angry

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The stormer had a good article on this. How are we even supposed to draw them? https://dailystormer.name/how-are-you-even-supposed-to-draw-black-people/

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