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I'd love to but dont know what any of that shit means. Can you break it down for us brainlets?




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  • go to https://about.riot.im/ and click the launch now button

  • setup your account and shiet

  • once you land on the riot.im/app page, find the section on the left hand side titled "ROOMS", that reads "You're not in any rooms yet! Press [+ icon] to make a room or [list icon] to browse the directory", click the second button (the list icon), and in the search bar at the top enter "#200acres-MDE-chadright-BSS-lifeboat:matrix.org" and click join room.

its basically discord but not ran by spooks, its all encrypted and stuff.

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Does the room exist yet. Search didn’t bring anything up

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Discord is to be avoided no matter what.

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Redpill me on discord

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They collude with reddit to shut down right-leaning servers. Lost almost every mde server yesterday

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Discord openly work with the (((SPLC))). Read their wiki. You might as well be using an FBI.gov server

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the link isnt working

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Already there, need to get more people on board.

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Hello, could you add me in the other room with light vetting?

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Looks pretty dead. Also the layout of the site is garbage. Better than Discord though I guess.

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Check out TOX as well, for more private affairs.

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Tox is great as FOSS secure Skype alternative but good for one on one comms only