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it's beautiful

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Interesting. Some of us just reside on voat now, so this is helps to know what you guys are talking about. Thank you

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Saved so I can show my grandkids

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Okay guys, I found something interesting. Below screenshot is a CTRL F search in the "inspect code" page of said cached page. I searched for banner trying to save the banner image but ended up spotting the word "banned" so i decided to search for banned as well. This page has not been refreshed since Sunday. It appears we were banned this weekend and just didn't go into effect until yesterday. Anyone else find that odd?


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Just change subredditbanned: true to false and you're sorted 👍

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Looking at Google's cached version, dated 9/10 (very recent), that code isn't found in the page source.

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I have a feeling that when you grabbed the source it may have just grabbed the most recent source

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this. it always does

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Everyone read this and double check for yourselves!

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Thank you mdeneverdies, Very Cool!

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You should def save the banner for preservation's sake.

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how would i do that other than taking a screenshot?

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If it's a cached webpage, can't use just right click and save the banner image?

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If you can't save the source, just take a screenshot. Better than nothing.

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We've got it on web.archive.org

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As a goat who left reddit years ago, when they were obvious enemies of liberty, I have no idea what the fuck milliondollarextreme is, so 3 questions:

  1. What the fuck is milliondollarextreme?

  2. Why the fuck were you on reddit so long, when they ban free speech?

  3. What the fuck makes you think you'll get a welcome reception on voat, you stupid kikeniggerfaggot cunts. You are pussies. You all stayed when you knew reddit was stifling the freedom and expression of others because our ideas are inconvenient or hurt the sensibilities of infantalized adults. Well fuck you. Now you're in the wild of free town that is voat. Make a God dam donation you cunt nigger faggots. Pay to keep the lights on. Don't expect kindness here.

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Yeah that's a block. You sound retarded

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are you actually hormel or just some cheap Chinese knockoff?

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blocking a goat because of our customary hazing


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Hnnnnngggg you use reddit when me use voat, dis website is BETTA DAN REDDIT.

So... derrfore becus i use voat longa dan u, dat make me superia and cleverer.

Literal nigger thought process, fucking embarrassing mate. Guaranteed youre a littlr faggy cunt living with his parents, get a grip. Its a fucking website. Nigger

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Dude, I've lost the ability to retard at your level of dumb.

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  1. MDE is a comedy troupe with Sam Hyde, Charls Carrol, and Nick. 2&3. Why are Europeans in Europe so long when they ban free speech? Shouldint they just pack bags and move to Africa where they can say and do whatever they want lmao like nigga come on its easy just leave your brothers and sisters behind.

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Using the chrome browser and therefore providing (((Google))) with money and information> Fucking Cuck

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