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They fear us because we are better than them

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They hate us cause they ain’t us


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Their build sucks in the late game. Huwhite power!

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As old as it is to hear for most of you

the weak should fear the strong

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Dont bring your faggoty reddit lingo here.

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Voat must learn to be multicultural or it will not survive.

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We do hate other cultures equally thanks.

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Thanks Barbara Lerner Specter, very cool.

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You are wrong

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We achieved one thing I am actually proud of. We forced Reddit into Orwell style censorship. Open Internet? FreeSpeech? My ass!

I call it Faggit from now on.

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That already happened loooooong ago.

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I actually like to call faggots 'reddits'. It hasn't really caught on, but I'm still hopeful.

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Me in the front lmao

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All we gotta do is Wait for that ape to murder her captor like they all enevitably do. Then we take back what's ours.

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She eventually will. An animal can't sit that long aside a weaker being and not kill it. It's just a matter of time.

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Reddit is homosexual. Stop talking about or get back there sperm enthusiasts.

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Them Jews shutdown niggers and coontown. Mde was fun, but chadright was just some goys trying to do the right thing.

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I like how these people refer to 1984 and Brave New World, granted most have probably never read them, and they have never been affected by censorship. Not only that they promote the active censorship of any group they disagree with. There is absolutely no logic in their world but it's not surprising.

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It's only censorship when the government does it, bigot. A subsidiary of a multinational conglomerate colluding with other multinational conglomerates, all of which are propped up by the governments of the world, to suppress your ability to speak in the modern era is the way it's supposed to work.

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muh private company

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