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They really should be. They have become too high and mighty feeding off the misery of others. When the revolution happens, the journalists really need to be the first to go. Cleanse their whole profession so it can start anew, and be what journalism is supposed to be.

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it's not really a profession, is it? Nobody pays for my opinions...

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Don't forget all the bloggers, tweeters, thinkpiece writers and editorialists parading as journalists! They think their online diaries are the greatest good produced by society.

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These people love receiving death threats because it lets them pretend they’re brave warriors fighting against the evilnazialtrighttrolls.

Also they consider a death threat to be any time they get a DM from “S00perBuzy42069” that says “fuk u niggar I’ll push you into a pit”

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Maybe it's time to stop worrying about money and you know the rest

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We should stop making threats and start making moves... in minecraft of course.

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It’s a shame it’s only been threats

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How about we don our finest blacks, smooth out our USSR flags, and go bash Fashstein.

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Well what are you waiting for? You shouldn’t wait for someone else to do shit for you


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In dwarf fortress

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I thought the spelling was Bernstain now?

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Fucking (((bears)))

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What happens when two universes merge.

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Fucking blockhead is still hanging on to the highlight of his career (the interview) by the bridge of his nose

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(((by the bridge of his nose)))

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I dont even know what this is about

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This is the reporter who helped get World Peace cancelled. Here is a video of Sam talking to him. https://youtu.be/TkXK95R5zSw

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Videos like this are why I hate the Jew worship on this site pretending to be disliking Jews for "controlling everything". They aren't bright or smart people, they're just good at being dishonest.

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Sam is more than this little fuck will ever be

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"Snap" yep that's going in the kike compilation

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