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1 day ago, I lost 40,000 men in the blink of an eye, and reddit just fuckin' watched. Tomorrow there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots. I know you understand. - HH Brothers

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If there were a real life revolution where we took up arms, I'd gladly fight the Hyde Wars.

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What MDE user wouldn’t, brother?

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HH. We're all still here. Just not here

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"40,000 users gone just like that, how does it feel?"

"Huh? Bye."

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Fucking gay version with John Maus' song "Copkiller" censored. Here's the proper uncensored version for when this inevitably gets reposted over and over - https://youtu.be/Qk213MxnHZU

Like what the fuck, John Maus was the only musical act on WP that didn't disown his performance after the show got shoahed so of course it's gotta be scrubbed. Fuck.

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It got scrubbed from adult swim

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=Brdx7kmxx2I :

The Man Who Would Never Be, What They Made Him To Be | World Peace | Adult Swim - YouTube

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