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I quit now, enough with that shit, that fag is raging out because of his gorrilla wife thats probably why we all got banned, on 9/11 no less

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During a faggot kike holiday too.

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Out of the loop. Is that the summary? MDE had a go at Serena so Ohanian banned the sub?

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Pretty much. She made a boon of herself and MDE made fun of her. They started "in Minecraft" posting and that gave the fags at r/againsthatesubreddits enough justification to flag MDE as well as any sub that was even remotely related. Ohanian probably pressed the ban button himself

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I made this account when voat was in alpha and the 2nd reddit purge was happening. Sadly, I stayed on reddit and only sporadically posted on voat, today I realized that I literally only needed reddit for mde bss and chadright. Everything else worth seeing on reddit is literally easier to find - and usually without any direct political connotations - on imgur. Fuck Reddit https://i.imgur.com/cIkghaJ.jpg

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Fuck Reddit https://i.imgur...

Post about someones orc wife = content removal/ban

Post about someones fat dog = content removal/ban

Imgur is reddit.

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it's actually incredible the moment you realize just how politically spun 99% of reddit's content is

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yes. lets ghettoize ourselves where nobody will ever see what we have to stay. lets sit around in voat and not accomplish anything like the 1.0 boomers who sat around on stormfront.

we need to still go there invade their spaces and counter their narratives.

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Or, you know, just convert friends, family, and coworkers IRL with dank memes from voat. I don't need or want to convert anyone who uses reddit.

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I've had great success in doing that in the past. You have to learn how to tone yourself down, learn how to be subtle. It's all about getting into someone's head and recognizing the speech patterns they feel comfortable with, and how much their worldview can be challenged without them completely shutting down. It's a great deal of fun when you get good at it. The other route is to debate people with a scorched earth policy where you dismantle their argument piece by piece and if they try to dismiss your points or insult you, you completely humiliate them in front of everyone else. People notice this stuff and it wakes them up.

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We can plan reddit raids on here with 0 repercussion. Voat is the land of the free!

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Any quick tips on making quick Reddit sleeper accts?

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Use a VPN and install a chrome plugin to change your device ID. They can ban not only your IP address, but your device as well. You need to disguise both. Also, People are posting to ChadRight.com and subscribing to ChadRight on YouTube.

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No. No. No. No. That shit's for the fags on that other site. Get a clue, that other site went to shit years ago and it's not worth trying to save anyone. Others have tried and failed... look at all you newfags today. None of you would have come over to Voat had it not been for that other sites kikery finally directly affecting you. No one listens until they learn it for themselves. Save your time and breath and just take solace in knowing you are beginning to wake up.

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I disagree. I've been lurking voat since gamergate, but I do most of my posting on reddit in the chans. I've seen first hand at how you can convert other people by going into popular subreddits and spreading information. You will 100% get dogpiled by faggots, but they are easily disarmed since their insults are weak, and their arguments are too if they aren't just dismissing what you said outright. It is worth trying to convert people if you have the time, you just have to be strong so you don't go insane.

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What a fucking little faggot, don't want people to make fun of your wife? Don't marry a litteral fucking gorilla. Now I have to figure out how to use this website. I really hope a ford raptor is parked outside his house tonight.

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I am only on reddit to tell fags to come here instead.

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Anyone still on reddit is a tranny

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Are there people out there who haven't quit Facebook yet? What purpose does it serve, especially if you add people whom you see regularly, or whose lives you don't really have an interest in?

Personally, I can't wait for Facebook to die off. It makes people complacent.

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Do you not have an alter ego that requires you to interact with NPCs on a regular basis?

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I have 3 contacts. I use it to text them because I don't have a cell phone. Every once in a while I post a funny meme I find on voat to give my 3 friends a chuckle.

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You could try getting an android phone emulator and downloading one of those apps that gives you a burner number, maybe? I suppose that's pretty out of your way. How do you get by without a cell phone, if you don't mind me asking? I find that I need one to keep up with people at work (software engineer)

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I’ll see /r/MillionDollarExtreme in Valhalla. For now I stick to voat. F

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I only had a reddit for MDE sub. Deleted it after they banned it.

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