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They do that with anything that looks or sounds like a sister sub, new or backup. During every sub banning, if people waited a week they could slip in.

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If you wait a week, ppl will have moved on.

[–] Mr_Wolf 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

Partly true but anyone wanting to partake in the sort of content that is currently being banned will seek it.

Want to know why reddit added chat rooms? It wasn't to build community, it was to control it. Using outside chat rooms lets users have freedom of speech and to plan movement in such cases as this.

Live chat can't be controlled unless shut down, even discord links were banned here after the last voat blackout.

[–] shoutout_to_burritos 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

I don't see why folks don't just come here, other than "we can't let Reddit win" or something.

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You can't plant seeds that change minds in an echo chamber. Gotta hit the normies on mainstream places

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MDE was already an echochamber, you have to take the information from redpilled forums and bring it to the purple forums

There's really not much difference organizing over here as opposed to over there as long as you take the message with you to other forums

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What if we have accounts we use to subvert reddit, but our main home is here?

[–] zarthos1 [S] 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

It was a different atmosphere there. Loved the jokes, the spirit of camaraderie, and brigading plebbit normies in their own subs. Even if Voat is great for it's freedom, it still can't be compared to the old r/mde

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We will make discussion a thing worth having again. How many other poor refugees like me have ignored voat for years, just to turn here when they couldn’t even let invite only backup subs for the only subreddit worth visiting

But long nose tribe is historically bad at seeing the long term backlash for such reckless parasitism

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HH, brother.

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We have our shitposting and filter-free kike hate on voat, then go to plebbit on fake accounts to distribute easy-to-swallow redpills in normie subs

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Anyone else seen this? It says "our terms have been met." I'm not sure what they mean by that. I was really confused that /r/chadright got banned

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r-rabbi please dont ban my cringe anarchy we're good goyim I swear

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Report that sub for witch-hunting. Not that it'll do anything, but 'eh.

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that subreddit looks fake, like it was made after the large batch of bans.

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/r/chadleft also got banned, /r/drama is on the list and so is /r/4chan. Parts of that list make no sense.

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Obviously redditors moving over is a scary prospect, however, I doubt people from subs like bss and 200acres would be a normal case. cuckchan is shit tier now, and cripplechan is going downhill fast, clearly reddit is no longer feasible. For those of us that want to move over and get involved here, what are the subs you would recommend lurking in for a bit?

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It's not too bad, I came here after r/altright went down and stuck around until v/identitarian had its splitting over optics.
I'd look into:


v/identitarians - splinter verse that broke off when the -s admins started cracking down on people using slurs



v/FUCKYOUDAD - making fun of the headcases running r/AHS

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Jesus, they're going after the fucking h3h3productions sub and KiA eventually.

Screenshot of /r/TheBanout2018

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They just banned every sub that MDE posters also went to, I bet.

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I'd like to see em try to ban the actual 200 acres

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r/DrJekylSubreme also banned today

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