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I'm partial to imgoat.

Run by @discoball and sub is /v/imgoat

Kek I had some kind of fuckery, but I forget what. I think it was the fact that they didn't remove exif data. This has since been corrected, but we dont know the owner. Some alt-right sites are honeypots, so take that as you will.

Owner of imgtc is @jmtullock and then @jmtullock2 . he didn't like all the racism on voat so he left.

EDIT: @MEMOREXAM pointed out it was @lockeproposal who fucked off back to Reddit.


He used to have a history sub, I think /v/historyanecdotes it was called. He never would answer my questions, and I would ping him to the conversation. I think he went back to Reddit as well as phuks (another clone, made by people who didn't like the racism/crudeness here).

Discoball is a true goat. He has been fairly responsive when I ping him. Only a few times he's ignored me. Imgoat was, and still is, a free speech image host. And he has always removed exif data by default.

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Don't really want to Necro a thread for this reason, but just wanted to point out that @Lockeproposal was the faggot who made the history subs then got butthurt that somebody said nigger in his sub, made them all private for awhile and then fucked off back to feddit.

Tullock, can't remember why he left, maybe he didn't like people saying nigger either, but didn't want that confusion out there.

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Thanks for the mention.

Still working to make Imgoat the best damn file host on the internet.