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imgtc , imgoat - guys here run most of them so if theres any issues they let us know!


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I'm partial to imgoat.

Run by @discoball and sub is /v/imgoat

Kek I had some kind of fuckery, but I forget what. I think it was the fact that they didn't remove exif data. This has since been corrected, but we dont know the owner. Some alt-right sites are honeypots, so take that as you will.

Owner of imgtc is @jmtullock and then @jmtullock2 . he didn't like all the racism on voat so he left.

EDIT: @MEMOREXAM pointed out it was @lockeproposal who fucked off back to Reddit.


He used to have a history sub, I think /v/historyanecdotes it was called. He never would answer my questions, and I would ping him to the conversation. I think he went back to Reddit as well as phuks (another clone, made by people who didn't like the racism/crudeness here).

Discoball is a true goat. He has been fairly responsive when I ping him. Only a few times he's ignored me. Imgoat was, and still is, a free speech image host. And he has always removed exif data by default.