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My biggest fetish involves Ben Shapiro. She has this really hot sister with huge tits, but she also has that jew face which makes the whole thing really taboo. But that's not what gets me off.
I always imagine little benji stuttering and failing in his arguments while I push him away. It's like pushing a child away but he knows that I'm only allowed to do so because he lost the argumentation. I doesn't even matter what we argue about, in the end I always destroy him with facts.
His sister with the big tits gets really turned on by me defeating her weak brother and she blushes a bit, but I just turn around and leave her confused. Racemixing is wrong and I already got all the pleasure I could ever want by defeating lil shapiro in an argument.


[–] NukaColaQQ 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

ok, this is epic


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just made the jew want you to anal her