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In November 2011, at home in Los Angeles, Williams hid in a panic room after a drug-tester called at her house unannounced. Serena said she believed it was an intruder.

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as if this gorilla wouldn't rip a real intruder in two with "her" bare hands

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Best part is she lost the US open to a Japanese woman due to her chimping out. I wish could read Japanese so I could see all the Nip bantz

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due to her chimping out

no, thats what theyre trying to spin it as. she was already getting her ass beaten before the penalty, old monkey just isnt as good as she thought

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The whole thing was sparked by her insisting the umpire apologize to her for catching her cheating...which her coach later admitted to doing. That's all anyone needs to see gorilliams was in the wrong

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True. She is half boon.

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Even better she lost to a non-white person. Can't go "Muh Black Oppreshuns"

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Marrying a gorilla to signal his virtue is the best way to garner respect to reddit faggots. I can't say I blame him. He's a rich man....in minecraft.

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He must be gay as hell to want to fuck that sheboon.

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I thought the same thing yesterday when I saw a pic of “her” in a bikini getting on a jet ski. That is the backside of a buff dude.

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I believe this thing locked her self in a room to avoid a random test to which all tennis agree too

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Most men could only dream of having arms as developed as hers.

I also wish my penis was as big as her engorged and oversized clit

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when you search Buddy Fletcher (its spouse) over half is is gay porn in searx, at least in images

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brianna wu lookin ass

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Nah John Walker Flynt is white.

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Naoki Tanaka! OUTO!

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I agree, she has a developed square jawline, Adam's apple and broad shoulders. I think we need an expert opinion though @SaveTheChildren

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Yes of course. Compare them to their "boyfriends" and youll see its BACKWARDS. The men arent real men either theyre ftm.

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To be fair, gorillas have a naturally high level of testosterone.

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but not that for a "female"

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