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This is the sam hyde fanclub, You know sam hyde, the guy behind EVERY school shooting?


Here is his ted talk.

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He was in Birdemic??

Will have to watch that later, thank you.

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I can't stand his cringe humor, but i can see why people would think he is funny.

the left HATES him, a lot. You should see the memes that they make, they suck sooooooooo bad.

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You know when you see people tripping over themselves, rushing to congratulate sexual/racial minorities for existing? You know that feeling you get in your stomach that says, "this is weird?" We discuss those feelings here.

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They seem like cool guys.

To get you up to speed: They posted a picture of an Uruk-Hai orc doing a battle cry and a virgin betacuck got upset and banned them after he finished his glass of soymilk.

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This is a discord chat centering around brand awareness for the Monster Energy corp.

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Have you tried the new grape flavor?

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This is a Kevin MacDonald fan appriciation page

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People are watching "MDE best of" on youtube.

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I’m just here for the grill in’

  • Big Mike

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Its for 30 yo boomers.

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We love to discuss mowers, monster white no-carb, grilling, and I'm starting to get into dehydrating my own jerky.

HH brothers,


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