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HH brother

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What's important to remember is they think their shitposting there is valuable. They think they're changing the world by parroting the same slogans their favorite woke celebs retweet. They think banning wrongthink means they've defeated it.

They are wrong. We are the rational response to clown world. That's why they had to get rid of us.

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They know what they are doing has no value, Reddit is 100% for propaganda and advertisement. It's why they don't allow "wrong think" even if you had a perfect sub with no rule breaking you'd still be banned. WhiteRights was a good example.

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Deep down, they know it's of no value. But for the "speech IS violence" crowd, they put thought and action on the same level. That's why they're so goddamn self-important about their slacktivism - they really think they're taking some action to help the cause.

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It’s unreal how important moderators think they are. the mods of /r/science legitimately seem to think they’re editors of a scientific journal, and that anyone cares about the shitty AMAs they host. All the default mods have crazy complexes and they don’t even realize they have less actual influence than your average shitposter.

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And they take their self-perceived scientific journal and scrub it of any wrongthink. Have you seen the sheer number of deleted discussions in the past month? It's obscenely hypocritical.

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That cunting website and all the others like Twitter work on a LOSS each year.

Makes you really wonder how they self sustain themselves. Like how are they managing to keep their servers up? Clear to see after the shoah where reddits interests are, although was obvious before.

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I wonder who pays to keep them operational and in exchange for what...

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I don't think we have to "in minecraft" here, fren.

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I am new to MDE. What does "in minecraft" mean, my fellow MDE'er?

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We just need to subvert Reddit subs, little subtle red pills.

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Unironically turning into Tumblr 2.0

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maybe it's unprofitable because these kikes run it into the ground with their normie tier jokes