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Race mixing is disgusting. Unless that guy is a Jew, in which case go ahead and take a big dump in that bloodline.

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Serena Williams shows off her huge engagement ring

And huge arms, legs, torso, jawline, etc.

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Famous tennis player just happens to fall in love with a the co-founder of a propaganda forum. It's like these people are part of some pre-selected breeding program.

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doesn't fuckin surprise me at this point, he got mad at us making fun of his gorilla of a wife

[–] Durden79 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

Pretty sure the guy got angry at people for making fun of his absolute unit of a wife

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Would that be a g-unit?

[–] Durden79 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

A d-unit

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Who's wife though? The left guy or the right?

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Chadright got deleted as well

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Just came here to inform you goys about the same thing. Nice times we're in. At least I can delete reddit now.

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People are deleting

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its funny retards still havent realized deleting and banning doesnt work anymore. if youre a true crafty jew, its better to have control over where the stuff you dont like goes on, than to ban/delete it and have them move somewhere else out of your control

we are dealing with shit tier jews, soros wouldnt even spit on them

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So if the reason really is the sheboon shaming, then CA is gonna get the axe soon too, which will be an absolute circus

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Those strong, empowered women are also delicate flowers torn asunder by the patriarchy. Gotta protect em with upvotes, right?

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I'm sure its days are numbered. They must keep making sacrifices.

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What is CA?

[–] lithosphere 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Cringe Anarchy

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"This subreddit has been banned for violations of our Content Policy, specifically our policy regarding violent content.". Part of me wondered if it was because I submitted a (butchered from "The Rock") quote in the title about Sean Connery slapping women, but hopefully not.

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That reads like the "in Minecraft" meme is the culprit.

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Man I really want to gas some kikes.

In minecraft

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its the generic label they attached, iits not like they have to prove their bans

they have been waiting to ban it, the roids ape being made fun of was the banana that broke the apes back

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I didn't know reddit owner was with a tranny. Makes me even gladder to be here and not there.

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Insert homophobe or transphobe remark

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