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Id like to see pics of these huge industrial ovens, only ones ive seen look like the ones shown below.

Yeah they could have made bigger ovens, but you have to account for amount of fuel needed to burn more bodies so they degrade into ash. You also have to account for more air and space in the oven, when you have a bigger oven the fuel needed goes up tenfold (depending on how large the oven is compared to conventional cremation ovend). The cost to maintain, clean and an increased amount of fuel needed for a larger oven and more bodies is ridiculously high.

We're talking 70 years ago, efficiency and cost that would be hard to achieve in modern times.

Just doubt 20 people were being done for 1 hour. Wouldve crippled the germans economy, whilst they're balancing war costs and food for the army and people.

Just doubtfuk really


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Don't even bother trying to showing me a photo of one of these units. How about you show me even just the blueprint design of a German furnace that was available in the 1920s, 30s, or 40s, that could have been installed at any of the camps, anywhere in greater Germany or its territories, and the type of fuel it was designed to use. Also, indicate the scale of the amount of fuel that would be redirected from the war effort to this body disposal purpose.

Why fuel tanks for the defense of Germany when you can burn bodies?


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Interesting choice of article:

The Ayatollahs along with the political and military leaders of Iran have made no bones about their admiration for the Nazis’ effort (which paradoxically they deny ever happened) and their oft publicly stated desire to complete Hitler’s work by eradicating the State of Israel and all of the six million Jews in it.

There's that number, again