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HH brothers, just got the news as I woke up. The jew got us this time.

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LPT: Make a new user name without your old girlfriend’s name in it before it’s too late.

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OMG @freshmeat! SBBH are taking over this sub!

Get on discord faggot! Time for your SRS trannies to down vote brigade!

@kevdude @crensch our plan is working! Soon we will be in charge of a sub that we didn’t know existed

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@freshmeat is a realFatFaggot and @oiseaulibre is a realJew and @Womb_Raider is a realRapist from Delaware.

@zyklon_b is back and ready to kill 'em all.

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@freshmeat is a realFatFaggot

True. He’s also a long nosed trusted flagger

and @oiseaulibre is a realJew

And a Mexican tranny.

and @Womb_Raider is a realRapist from Delaware.

He is a low IQ nigger. Agreed.

@zyklon_b is back and ready to kill 'em all.

Heil @zyklon_b

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What the fuck is this pedo shit? Is it me or are these refugees larping hard?

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OP and https://voat.co/user/Trigglypuff are part of SRS (ShitRedditSays) and they were responsible for that sub getting deleted from reddit and now they are trolling before the exodus happens so most users who come from reddit leave, exactly what the site owner @PuttItOut asked them not to do.

Cant have a sustainable website when SBBH/SRS scares off majority of users. Just notice how it's all the same clique who try to get ahead of all the exodus so they can control the narrative. Sam won't come here when SRS trannies are running his sub.

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What pedo shit?

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Kids shows faggot, adults watching them = pedo shit

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So far it's gone smoother than when T_D showed up. Probably about time to keep an eye on new sub creation.

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T_D got rid of all the actual Trump supporters and is now ran by LARPing leftists. And already you have Kevdude and 2 major SBBH posters in here trying to get ahead of the exodus.

MDE will obviously not use this website.

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My before and after ? Not much of a difference.

Need an explanation? Only via song...


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When the evidence is just too, irrefutable.

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I used to lurk Reddit miliondollatextreme for years but I never made an account knowing how it is only a ploy to datamine you, I hope voat will catch on

edit:I'm talking about all of Reddit not just mde datamining

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How exactly would they data-mine me?

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how every other site does, fun fact, Reddit used to not require an email in the past when it was in the popularity gaining phase and now it does, I think it didn't let me use a fake one like 10minutemail but i don't remember for sure now