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Help me make sure she sees it!

She's your husband, maybe walk over to her and show it to her instead of posting it for all the world to see what a good wife you are you fucking faggot.

Anyone who posted a positive comment to this twat needs to be sent to a labour camp and then executed when they can no longer work.

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lol that guy married a fucking gorilla hahahaha

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Imagine the smell when trying to fall asleep next to it.

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Imagine what it does to a bathroom after destroying a plate of chitlins and collard greens.

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The grunts, the heavy breathing.

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Jesus Christ. Fucking women don't even do this shit for their athlete husbands when they lose in embarrassing fashion.

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Sadly, this was posted before she chimped out at the final. One of the idiots in the comments said something about tomorrow being Saturday. I would imagine she's pegging the shit out of him too hard for him to be able to edit any videos right now.

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Ah, I see. Still, no one does this and it feels very petty to ask for retweets.

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Fucking retard. Blocked

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That’s it you’re all fucking BLOCKED. I know one day you’re going to look back at this fucking moment and regret EVERY. FUCKING. WORS. YOU. DARED. TO. SPIT. IN. MY. DIRECTION. I’ll make you bite back those words even if it means I gotta end your life . I will ruin your life like I ruined ur right little. Ass that’s right cunt, im taking yourgay little virginity and I’m going to send you the head of your loved one thru the mail. I’m going to make sure you fear me so bad you don’t trust the safety of your bed anymore. You’re going to be so fucking petrified you won’t be able to go to the bathroom anymore. You’re going to look back every second and regret every sjngle little thing you threw my way. I’ll make sure you’re all going to die a slow painful death and force feed u ur tiny cocks u all disgust me and you’re all just scum on the bottom of my fucking Shoes. I ll fuck you up so bad you can’t have an open cast funeral. I’ll fuck you ip so bad no one will even know you’re a dead body but instead a giant lump of dog shit. That’s right your last memory will be of me and u getting on your wrinkly knees begging for my forgoveness but you know it’s already too late. Sleep with both eyes open motherfucker

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I hope this is the real Hormel.

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Thank god hormel is here it wouldn't be the same otherwise

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equal pay

Said the multi-millionaire while wearing sports attire made by little children in Asia who get paid 1$ a day at best.

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Who plays 3 sets instead of man's 5 and gets paid the same.

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I want to gas twitter people soooo bad.

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In Minecraft.

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visceral disgust

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you are a cuck and married a looser.

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