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RIght? =Like its our fault he decided to fuck an orc for the rest of his life. I hope that silly ho blows out her knee in her next game, can never play again, and decides to an hero.... In minecraft ofc.

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Hmmm.... I never considered that perspective before.


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For those out the loop, this thing is Alexis' wife (Serena Williams), believe it or not. Alexis is the top admin of Reddit.

Sounds like a made up story, but I swear it's true.

For those really out the loop, here's some videos of it throwing a tantrum at a tennis game: https://globalnews.ca/news/4437620/serena-williams-cartoon/

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I’m still going to google this because it seems too ridiculous to be true.

Edit: LMAO praise kek, this universe is getting ridiculous 😂

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Lol, I love that it IS so unbelievable and yet still manages somehow to be true. Praise kek indeed.

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Thanks for coming back with the Edit. I thought I was going to have to post some proofs lol

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Even the normiest of normies are scratching their heads about Serena.

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Can J.K. Rowling just fuck off already? It's not because you wrote shitty books about a gay wizard that your opinion fucking matters.

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She's the worst kind of hack; she thinks she owns the characters and stories and what she says a decade after the fact somehow changes what was/wasn't written.

Case in point: Dumbledore supposedly being a homosexual.

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Alexis is the co-founder of reddit, not just the top admin.

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The cartoon has exaggerated features of Williams

Yeah, isn't that the point of a cartoon

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that man makes michael look feminine

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That's supposed to be a woman?

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its the result of pumping a human-ape hybrid full of steroids

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Not to mention, a boy that was forced to become a girl at a young age

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Miss Jenner is stunning and brave and you are a bigot if you say otherwise!

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Why does that linebacker have a tutu and a tennis racket?

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Because Black Lives Matter? I'm pretty sure it's another protest thing.

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News: r/billionsheckelsupreme is down too

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you all had one shot at making a voat name for the migration and you didn't make it v/billionsheckelsupreme?

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For "ban evasion." lol!

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I'm that gorilla clit nigga

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Fucking Roids, brah. I remember 2005 when he was still a woman. Spez is into clit dicks.

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I thought everyone was joking....just googled it on bing and the ask jeeves reaults showed that yes, they are indeed married. "She" pegs him, guaranteed.

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Its a man...

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Always a man.

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