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I'm not sure why it finally got the boot but the MDE sub was very loosely moderated so a lot of badthink content was allowed and upvoted.

For example, "I want to murder niggers on my minecraft server" would be a relatively highly upvoted comment.

Million Dollar Extreme is/was a comedy troupe that got a show on Adult Swim called Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace. MDE is now basically just /u/SamHyde.

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THANK YOU. Fuck me getting any answer from you people.

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Lol it got shoahed for wrongthink.

Pretty goyish of you guys to be looking for a legitimate rationale behind the decision. are slash em dee ee was the biggest non-conforming sub on the site, it was only a matter of time before they shut it down

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Fine, but generally speaking there is usually some reason why a sub was banned that everyone can go "yeah, ok, I get it." MDE was pretty brutal but there usually wasn't any overt rule breaking and the mods did take care of it when it popped up.

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From doing some light recon, apparently some users did some Serena Williams jokes/memes (Gorilliams) over her chimp-out the other day, and she recently birthed the baby of Reddit's CEO. Seems plausible, and typical.

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I don't even want to imagine how ugly that baby is. Throw that fucker a banana.

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I got banned from r/videos for calling her a 'tennis ape'.

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Men cant give birth

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Not to be confused with sDbh!

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The last non-pozzed place on the whole of Reddit in Minecraft.

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It was a sub for Sam Hydes show. Over time, more right-wing people joined and it became a place for blackpills and hating jews.

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I don't hate jews. I recognize them as a direct threat to the survival of my culture, nation, and way of life. Emotions just distract from problem-solving.

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Exactly, I don't hate Rattlesnakes, I just don't want them in my house\yard. Kill them if I find them. They are a threat to my family and livestock.

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Sam Hyde

Who the fuck is "Sam Hyde"?

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A Trotsky-looking comedian who had a show on adult swim but was canceled for being "nazi", or something

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A mass shooter. Just ask the media.

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Jews rock!!

Edit: guess nobody got the sarcasm.

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These people here have no censorship, so they never had too evolve the kind of cryptic anti-semitism we're used to from MDE.
I mean I LOVE jews

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Its a place where we burn jews, kill niggers and hang faggots.

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Why did it take so long to leave reddit?

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It wasn't moderated and all the people on the sub had the same /pol/ attitude. Once it got bigger, the (((admins))) shut it down.

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r/MDE was originally just an MDE fan sub and most of the users shared similar views regarding both comedy and politics. The quality of the shit posting was always top tier. The memes - up until the very end - were of the highest caliber. The content was good and the community was friendly and welcoming to those who shared similar views regarding both comedy and politics.

As reddit began purging alt-right and wrongthink communities many of their subscribers, who shared similar views regarding both comedy and politics, ended up immigrating to MDE. Since reddit continued to banish naughty communities MDE continued to grow and thus became more noticeable to both people who shared similar views regarding both comedy and politics and soyfilled statists - and let's give credit where credit is due r/AgainstHateSubreddits took this from us - MDE's biggest sin was that ze grew big enough to be considered an "Online Recruiting Tool For The Alt-Right" according to literal cultural marxists.

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I was never on reddit. I would visit it from time to time, however, I got tired of people wanting to hear how cute their kitten was and how amazing their home made desk turned out.

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What's a Sam Hyde? Wtf people, explain yourselves.

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He's a terrorist who keeps getting away with it.

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Well now I'm curious, damnit.

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Damn you're out of the loop. The man has over 600 kills so far. Still on the lose.

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... goddamn you. FINE, I'll look it up.

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homeless guy made famous on a viral video where he stole 5 packs of goobas from a convenience store

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WHAT THE FUCK is a "GOOBA", who the fuck are you people??

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you're a baby killer, you wouldnt know shit if it fell out of your ass

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How does 'baby killing' reduce intelligence in your mind?

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Is this the same Sam Hyde as the murderer that killed all those children?

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Away with it.

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They're niggers.

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