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I don't know how much of this I can believe....
I am a millennial myself, and those I grew up with seem to just avoid getting a job by going further into "education"
Barely anyone I knew even got into STEM.
Oh wait, it's the females. Probably the LEAST productive, LEAST motivated, and want to damn fly everywhere and have that cushy job.


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My daughters aren't that way. Neither is my wife.


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https://archive.is/xhX8p | https://vgy.me/lnhwov.png :

How Millennial Trophies Created a Generation of Workaholics - The Atlantic Sponsor Content - Project: Time Off

'In fact, they are the most likely generation to forfeit time off, even though they receive the least amount of vacation days. '

'Still, nearly half of Millennial managers feel that company pressure prevents them from approving time off requests, compared to about a third of Gen X and Boomer managers. '

'Research into Millennial vacation behavior shows they are afraid, not entitled. '

'Despite its value, a study by Project: Time Off revealed Millennials are not taking the vacation they earn. '

'Millennials are also the first generation to experience internet and email as a fixture of their work life from day one. '

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