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Put a one way ratchet on it; collect every cat in the neighborhood.

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Strange, the Chinese take out places dropped all of their chicken prices by 0.50$ after your comment.

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LOL. At one point, an Asian place in, or near, Oakland CA (east coast of the San Francisco bay) was investigated. They found carcasses of most every type of animal in the city.

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thanks for that idea

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There's several videos of cats walking on those. I almost bought them a long time ago.

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I think like anything that spins they need to be cleaned and lubricated once in a blue moon.

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Even in the video that 1 bigger cat grabs the fence underneath it and then paws at it. It only needed to do that 1 or 2 more times before it figured out how to get over it.

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This might work for.. one day. Damn cats will always find a way eventually.

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Its a cool concept. I'm just not willing to spend $42 for a measly 4 foot section (that's over $10 a foot! I get tits hardwood floor for cheaper!). That would cost me upwards of $2000 to cover my backyard fences. My cats will just remain inside and I will pay off a bill instead since my property has a busy road on the one side of the fence. Unless someone comes up with a cheap diy version with PVC pipes.

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We went with this crazy netting stuff that lines the fence. It works for the most part but the occasional neighbor cat still gets in from time to time but way way less than they used to like months in between incidents.

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heh not bad.

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Ah hahaha!

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DENIED! you little bitch. Yeah!