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Right, so I created this forum. I also have an account on reddit and at mgtowhq although I use different usernames and prefer to keep everything separate. I'm not a moderator or admin on either site. For the protection of all users here, I'd encourage you to do the same. Never use your real name or reveal anything about yourself that could be used to identify you.

/u/Daylom contacted me after the forum was created and he seemed cool so I asked him to be a mod. I don't know who he is, but it doesn't much matter. MGTOW doesn't live or die on the existence of this forum or any of the others. So if he turns out to be an asshole, or I turn out to be an asshole, then just go create /v/MGTOW_HQ or /v/real_MGTOW or whatever. I'll even link you in the sidebar here.

I mostly wanted to grab this name so that nobody squatted on it.

My personal philosophy on life with regard to going my own way is this: I date women so long as there's almost no effort in it. They just about have to approach me at this point. I actually really enjoy dating (as in, dinner and shit) and don't mind paying the way for a woman who has sex with me - that's just because my personal financial situation allows it.

I've been married. Never doing that shit again! In fact, I never move past the casual dating phase. No girlfriends. Nobody is moving in with me. And at the slightest hint of a red flag, I drop her.

That's me going my way. I'm pretty happy with it right now. Welcome to everyone who drops by. I'm interested to hear your thoughts and where you're going.


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Excellent explanation of the MGTOW rationale.

Feminine nature is only part of the problem, as you note. Society's expectations and the Law's regulations are even bigger baulks. Even if you find the Magical Unicorn NAWALT out there, if you chain yourself to her, it still puts your head on the chopping-block.

I can't envision today's society changing to make marriage reasonable for men again.