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https://archive.fo/5Wrlz :

He Asked Permission to Touch, but Not to Ghost - The New York Times

'I was nearly 30 and he was 24, but our age gap somehow seemed a lot larger than five years. '

'As the snow fell outside, we sat close on my couch while he talked touchingly about poetry. '

'He tugged at the hem of my sweater and said, “Is it O.K. if I take this off?”“Can I take this off, too?” he said. '

'For our first date, he took an Uber to my apartment through a winter storm. '

'Two hours in, I was hoping he would kiss me, and he did. '

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Yes, they want their pie (being fucked when they want) and eat it, too (having the freedom to accuse of sexual harassment anyone they want, for any reason they want, including no reason at all).

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It doesn't matter even if you get consent. That has not prevented women from making false rape accusations.

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Ignore rape propaganda. Ask consent all you want. The fact that you leave after sex is being demonized. Are we ready for a neo-puritan society?

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The fact that you leave after sex is being demonized.

Men are not free to make choices that women don't like.

Of course, it's also true that women are not free to make choices that feminists don't like.

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The first statement is undoubtedly true. The second one could be argued in some cases. Women have so much freedom nowadays (life on easy mode), they can be both hypocrites and inconsistent.

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Yes, I'm ready. I can live without sex or alcohol.

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Here's what I consent to: being left alone by women.

I don't need STI's or gold-diggers or #MeToo.

Sex with a condom is not safe sex. No sex with a woman is safe anymore, because she can change her mind after the fact. Fuck that shit-show.