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I hate that fucking cunt DDJ. He pretends to fight gynocentrism, but then reinvents it. If he had it his way, nothing would change.


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How? I've never seen anything bad from DDJ except that whole pointless mgtow 101 thing.


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Summary: as you probably know, Title IX is a law that is used by women in universities to falsely accuse men of harassment/assault. Many innocent men have been subject to kangaroo courts, denied due process rights, and kicked out of university because of Title IX.

Well, Title IX is about to be changed. The new rules require the accuser to also "work with law enforcement." On the surface, that sounds great, right? Now women have to put something on the line - they can't keep their false allegations inside the friendly ground of the university. In the linked video however, starting at 1:43, DDJ explains how these changes will actually make things worse for falsely accused men.


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The stakes being higher simply mean that my retaliation will be more severe If one of my sons was to be swept up by false accusation.

Instead of merely smashing every bone of the false accuser's hands into powder with an 8-lb sledgehammer, I would simply gouge out the person's eyes, peel all their skin off like a banana, soak their skinless body with gasoline and publicly light them up with a roadside flare.

I'm not some Christian conservative; I'm an atheist that thinks society is bullshit, and I have no fear of an afterlife. I prefer to "live and let live", until somebody that doesn't abide by "live and let live" attempts to impose their injustice on me and my own.

I would do all of this without anger, cold-bloodedly; I have no fear either, and no squeamishness. If they want to raise the stakes, so be it; there will be a steep price to be paid if it involves me and my own.