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Just got out of relationship with cute little borderline sex addict 20 years my junior. I'm lucky to be alive. Literally. Porno sex in exchange for 2 years of trauma, violence (directed at me), pregnancy (lost it), fucking my friend, devasting my social group and on and on. And here i am finding MGTOW and holy shit am I glad. These whores are getting crazier and crazier. I heard the analogy of Russian Roulette​ where one bullet's been added to the chamber every decade since the 60s. Fuck me, I'm out.

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Oh yes, I did. She was totally mental, got me in trouble with my landlords who almost threw me out. There have been other anecdotes with her before that event, but that's when I put an end to our story.

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Tell me she was at least a crazy fuck -- not that it would have made it worth it.

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She was a crazy fuck, but it absolutely wasn't worth it. I was 20 or 21, and my hormones were raging (a late bloomer, if you will), which is what actually got me in trouble. Even so, I realized I'm going to get into some serious trouble with this chick.