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birth rates will drop like a motherfucker

I don't know about that one. The supply of thirsty simps who are willing to have unprotected sex with literally any vagina is probably greater than the demand from post-wall women sporting category 4 baby rabies.

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There will be some bell curve, yes. The question is when and how.

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Pay your gas bills

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What does unusual means exactly ? Almost no one commented

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Pre nup and post nup...the dating pool is shit for men...find a bi woman who will let you indulge.

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Thats...interesting. Do you do it yourself ?

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No. Still young, still holding on to hope of finding a woman worth keeping... usually I end relationships when the women open up about what awful cunts they are...cheating, random fucking, gold digging etc... Had a few ok ones, but eventually they revealed their real personality.