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They ain't wrong.

With a bro you get support - emotionally, physically, morally, whatever you need.

Ride to the next town to pick up a couch, sure. You cover the beer after and I get to sleep on it if that need comes.

Pick you up at the airport at some ungodly hour, you got it man. I know you'd do the same for me.

Get your back in a fight, absolutely. You've done it for me more than once.

Loan some money. Watch after your kid. When the family unit isn't there for you, your bro is.

Women lost track of what men married them for. Men still needed those things.

And now women are cumdumpsters with no value but what they do to a dick, because women present no value outside of that function.

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But where are all the good men at?!

~Every womyn everywhere

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But where are all the good men at?!

Quite literally everywhere. They're just not interested in a cum dumpster.

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Who hurt you? HAHAHA.

I feel you, man. I am at they point now that women are just not worth a lot of time and effort. Are there some decent ones out there? Yeah, but good luck with that search. You have better odds betting your life's assets on green at the roulette wheel.

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Bros will even help you out with other needs too ;)

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every girlfriend Ive had during university(not a big number) couldnt cook for shit, I did the cooking. Lived in a filthy house with other(female) roommates who's number one priority was drinking, I helped clean up and walked them home at the end of the night when they could barely walk from drinking so much. Didnt work or own a car, expected me to be available to drive them wherever they wanted whenever or I got bitched at even though "I just got to bed after getting off my shift at 1 am and Im not driving you to class at 8 AM." Her response: "Well fine [name of guy who wants to bang my gf] said he would drive me to class he is way nicer than you." Seriously, what happened? I know what happened, but how was it so effective? You could say that I picked the bad ones, could be but I saw the same thing with my friends girlfriends as well, I look back at pictures of my parents hanging out with friends in the 1960s-80s and its like Im looking at pictures of a completely different country. Fuck.

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Jews happened. Jews pushed for the suffragettes, title IX, everything. After women had "equal rights", they think themselves equal to men. But they have no idea what being a man actually is, and everytime their idealized "mans life" isnt as cushy and carefree as they imagined, they cry sexism until they get what they want.

Thats how they got the vote but not the draft. How they got jobs but not the mortality rate. How women got everything. By crying at a man until they get their way.

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It’s not you. They’re pretty much all that bad these days.

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every girlfriend Ive had during university(not a big number) couldnt cook for shit,

What's amazing to me is when they admit that on just meeting you. It's like, as a guy, imagine that you just met a girl and you're flirting with her and you start talking about how you can't fix anything - like, you think this is just a hilarious story you're telling, about how you're absolutely fucking worthless around the house. How utterly autistic do you have to be to not know that this is turning her right off? Why would you think it's a good idea to say this shit?

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Ikeepthinking about asking various women out... I've taken a two year break from dating at this point... And everytime I really consider it, because I do want that intimacy, am in a really positively trending point of my life, etc. etc. I inevitably realize, fuck, you know she's crazy, can't even fucking do laundry right let alone cook, and will completely throw you off of your decent trend without offering a net positive of support. Its basically a no brainer. Not to mention that the fact that I want kids and want to raise them with original Christian values, a sense of national pride and survival skills essentially eliminates 90% of all women today who either already have brain-addled, behavior problem children they constantly pose with on facebook and fucktons of other baggage or don't want kids at all or are unhealthy goblinesque humunculi who can't accept any modicum of advice or criticism. I guess I'm tothe point now that I think it could be out of the picture, which is a little depressing, but far less than being mortally crippled by a deceptive succubus.

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Women from the balkans are pretty much your only option left. Orthodox Christian and traditional generally. You'll have to do some traveling but it is worth it.

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You wont find a woman who can cook worth a shit but if you look hard you can find one that can keep a house clean and all the laundry done. It's fine chef is a man's job anyway.

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Well articulated, dude. Dating does not really exist anyway; it's just a "job" interview to them. This is the base of the red pill pyramid, IMO. They have selection criteria, I get that, but now we men are awakened to the way they really think and work. Fuck being a PB simp; it never will make you happy.

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lmao succinct and savage are mutually required here

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They are pretty dumb. I've actually never had one that interested me intellectually and they definitely aren't funny. Kniving little demons though, that is for sure

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Best advice for any young man going to college,

  • security camera in the dorm
  • record everything even it ifs only audio
  • never trust a condom offered by a woman