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College started today. I meditated for 30-40 minutes after getting back. A bit more before bed.


Found a quiet temple on my way back home. Meditated there for 30 minutes. Very peaceful.


I've started envisioning my breath to be a length of thread. It is always with me, even when I don't realize it is. I take a moment to reach out to it and grasp it every now and then and during meditation.


Meditated in the evening when the power went out. Very, very distracted. I'm meeting a tonne of people in college and it's overloading the sensory part of my brain. I keep recollecting conversations, imagine myself talking to people, thinking about things I want to tell them, etc. It takes deliberate effort to calm my excited mind down. I've consistently been meditating without a timer nowadays, and I was able to sustain concentration on my breath for minutes on end successfully. It was very satisfying. I felt consumed by my breath and liberated.


Meditation is definitely improving my productivity. I'm able to concentrate for longer, and previously where I would dawdle and take a long time to do something that is supposed to take very less, I'm able to let the distraction wash over me and focus on my task with dedication and compassion.

I also feel like I'm making breakthroughs on my adherence to the Panch Shila (Five Precepts). In addition to that I've taken up the 8th Precept, i.e. the vow to sleep on the floor. It greatly benefits my back and neck, of which I've had many problems over the years. It also makes me less lethargic and quicker to rise in the mornings.

h regards to lying, I've rooted out almost all untruths out of my speech, but a rare few 'only technically true' things still slip out now and then. I use them in order to avoid telling people things they don't want to hear, I've noticed. I'm not sure that this is a desirable habit, but it feels necessary for my speech to be consistent with my vows of non-aggression and compassion towards all beings. I hope to solve this conflict soon.

I forget to mention that I've cropped my hair very closely. Every time I do this, I feel like I shed my vanity along with my hair. I still try to wear nice clothes (it's essential to integration into student life), but I make no effort to ornament myself beyond that.

I have also been whittling away at my belongings, the things I don't need being either left or sent back home. I hope to eventually want and need very few things.