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That flag should be upside down: The United States Government is under a foreign occupation by jews. What the fuck do we have to celebrate? Fat lazy welfare fucks going to Wal-Mart using their ebt cards to buy steaks and chicken to grill?

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Not to mention the central banking system which steals wealth from the people and manipulates markets to their choosing! VERY BAD!

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I hear you man. But there is reason to be hopeful, we have the GCGE as POTUS and he is doing awesome things.

Take care!

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Hate to break it to you but Trump is under jewish control.

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Hey, I celebrated a great extended family today. Everyone I had a genuine conversation with was on board to fight degeneracy in the way that only a family unit can, and to work on raising the young ones with the flag facing correctly.

But go ahead, take a knee.

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I don't take no damn knee. That flag represents the people, not the gov, but its only fitting to SOS because of what's happened in Washington DC with dual citizens and corporations running it.

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Today, July 4th, is Independence day in the USA.

(you can check out more maps, flags, and other stuff here at v/mapsandflags if you want)

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They technically didn't have a planet. They were locusts that were moving from planet to planet... their whole civilization. After they consumed every natural resource, they moved on... and Earth was next.

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Waaaaaaiiiiit a minute...


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That flag is like what 50-60 years old? The flag of the greatest country in the world was similar but had 37 less stars and they were in a circle

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How is this a global sticky? Did you get admin?

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No. I did not contact the admins either.

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The USA still faces it's biggest war of independence yet -- the one against the Zionist Occupied Government.

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The way to fight back is by being as ethnocentric as jews.

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The way to fight back is to kill kikes. Kill them all.

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this account is farming votes. it is a shill.

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Sure. And?

Man I just love all these fake internet points I’m getting which have absolutely no worth whatsoever.

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Aren't we all, to some degree?

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not everyone here is scum bag shill. most are just scum bags, some are shill. its the vote farming scum bag shills you need to look out for!

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Not me, I've been a member for 3 years. My CCP and SCP is waaaay low. Because what the fuck am I going to spend my internet points on?

If anything, I'll farm downvoats just to keep my score low when it starts getting up. You know, just to remind me that I'm still a mortal. Keep me grounded.

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What is he shilling for? Post links and proof, please.

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Why the fuck is this sticky? This sin't even an U.S. website.

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So where’re you from?

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