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Just subbed. I'm a perfect match for the sidebar description.

we need to STAHP before we get Terminator.


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I think there are more people sharing these views than we realise. I worked in a tech store for a while (not a great job for me, since I couldn't understand why anyone would want most of what I was selling!) and there are a growing minority of people who ask for simple things. They come in and ask for things without "smart" functionality or without too many pointless functions. A lot of people are tired and exasperated with this breakneck progress we have now. And so much (but not all) of that progress is pointless or harmful.

Here's a fun little story from my retail days. We sold several breadmakers, I like breadmakers. They don't do quite as good job as hand kneading, but they're so easy that it's good. Anyway, one of the breadmakers was quite cheap. It made bread, dough, and that's about it, but it did it really well. There was another one, nearly twice the price, which did over 50 functions. I shit you not, you could roast a chicken in this thing! Although since it was a breadmaker, it didn't roast chickens and things very well. But the worst thing, with all the effort into these stupid functions, it didn't make very good bread. You could control it with a phone app, you could boil rice in it (almost as well as in a pot), but you couldn't bake bread! In my view, that is a useless machine, but it was more popular than the simple one. I expect the simple brand will start adding stupid functions soon to try and keep up :'(