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Sure have. In fact, the sidebar itself says:

The irony of putting a forum for self-proclaimed luddites on the internet is not lost on me, but this being an unpopular view to hold in our modern world, and with members around the world, it's the most practical way to talk for now.

It's for this reason that it will always be a small forum. A lot of people sharing these views don't spend much time on the internet, and those that do often lurk rather than being involved. I like lurkers, I am mostly one myself, and I personally like forums where I can talk to other people who share my views, because very few people in actual life do.

I expect we will always be a small forum, and mostly lurkers, but that's ok. I will post things when I feel like it, and if others want to see that, great. If others want to share stuff, even better.

While we may rather be on a farm or some such, that's not possible for many people at the moment, so until then, this can be a little place of solace in an otherwise tech obsessed world.

Furthermore, if all you've ever known is the modern world, how can you break away? There needs to be places immersed in that (such as this place) which show that there are other options. Doorways out if you like.

But back to the point, yes, it is ironic and hypocritical, but we have to start somewhere.


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I think that we should use modern technology as a tool. Instead most people are used by technology. As a society we've gone from using technology to further our goals to having technological advancement as a goal in itself. Instead of shunning technology, I think we should be more cognizant of whether we are using it or being used.


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I think you have the right opinion. I'm with you 100%.