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Someone wanna learn me what's so great about linux? At the company I work at we're going to be getting a linux box so I would like to know what its capabilities are.


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Free, open source

Free is great obviously because no license costs. For example, on AWS they offer Linux boxes for almost half the price of a Windows box: (apparently Amazon links are banned but you can search "EC2 On Demand Pricing")

Open source great because virtually every large company uses Linux, so the code has been vigorously vetted for security and constantly receives performance and functionality patches. Hence why there are not really many viruses for Linux. See https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=2990wx-linwin-scale&num=3 as an example of performance.

Also some other advantages, such as it not being a black box so you can reasonably trust the code. Can have a fully featured desktop install in 1-2GB vs ~20GB of Windows. I think the filesystem is laid out more logically than Windows'. Etc.


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You don't need microsoft anymore. They are thinking of making windows a subscription service. How much longer do you want to pay for something that Linux provides for free?

Once the life cycle of a windows version runs out on an old machine, you need to install a new OS (or you can be 100% certain that you have tons of vulnerabilities that won't get patched...) so why not get ahead the curve and learn Linux?

You have more control over what software runs on the system (for example desktop environments). You have easy auto-updating of all software on the PC through package management that is non-existent outside of the microsoft store on windows. You have less RAM / CPU usage for Linux meaning in theory apps have a bit more stuff to run faster.

Admittedly Libre office is a step down from MS office, but it still mostly has the same functionality. I can't really think of anything you can do on windows that doesn't at least have some reasonable alternative on Linux (except for a few games...)


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This would be wonderful if Valve didn't donate all its political capital to Democrats and snoop on you through its client. I have hope that GOG will follow suit.


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998 of them are Battle for Westmoth variations!