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Two things that surprise me:

  1. How are smartphones not the top platform in terms of sheer number? So many games, however crappy, are being written for that market.

  2. Why did they decide to group Windows and Mac together but Linux as a separate category?

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If I were to take a guess, I'd say the majority of mobile games are probably written by a team of one or two people

Maybe the majority of games, but not the majority of the ones that make any money. I definitely think the majority of games that actually make any money have a larger team (and company) behind them.


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and that site sucks for anything viable. they're a graphic company that leases stats.


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That makes me a minority! Where's my victimbux?


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Because Linux sucks for gaming. Wine emulation is a hassle and glitches out constantly, and tech-normies (the bulk of the audience) don't use Linux. I am surprised vr is beating out xbone though.


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  1. Wine is not an emulator. It is the implementation of windows system calls in a Linux environment. The name wine stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator.

  2. Native games run really well.

But yes, people who don't already use Linux for other things are exceedingly unlikely to enjoy the Linux experience for gaming.


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What happened with the Steam Box and Valve trying to push developers to use open source alternative to Direct X?


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Used to stand for windows emulation. TIL they changed it.


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You know, people could probably save themselves a lot of headache if they just checked Winehq.org before attempting to run one of their Windows games in Wine.

That site will tell you pretty quickly what results and level of success you can expect.

And no, Linux really doesn't suck for gaming. It's the other way around. Linux, as an OS, is very capable as a gaming platform. The issue we have is as follows:

  1. Lower market share, which results in Developer apathy towards the platform.
  2. Developers specialized in game development on only a single platform. Can't really blame them, given the market share, but that also means they cannot then turn around and say Linux is inherently hard to develop for, when it is their skill set that is deficient, not the platform.
  3. Leading into point three. Developers making unrealistic promises to the User base, and then getting butthurt when said User base expresses displeasure at being lied to about promised ports.

Notice a pattern? Pretty much the developers are the reason gaming "sucks" for Linux.

The majority of them don't want to port, or don't know how to port, and rather than admit that, lie in order to get Linux Gamers to back their games. If Indie devs can port their games without issue, as many have, and Porting Houses like Feral Interactive and Aspyr have shown it can be done for a profit, then the excuses start to run dry.


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Linux, as an OS, is very capable as a gaming platform

I'm by no means an expert, but I'm very sure that Sega Run a linux based OS for their arcade machines, at least Wangan Maximum Tune uses it.


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7% development attention for a 3% usershare is exceptional, all things considered.


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I have no idea why you're being downvoted. I'm far more tech savvy than the vast majority of people, and I have NEVER been able to get windows games to run successfully under WINE, and that's not for lack of trying either.


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Most likely because it was just personal experience. A lot of people, myself included, don't like it when people on the internet proclaim that Linux sucks for (insert topic here) simply because they've had a bad time with it. For gaming it isn't the best by any measure, I'll agree with that, but it isn't a hopeless endeavor. I've had really good experiences with a variety of games using Wine/PlayOnLinux. Now I pay for Crossover because I do want to vote with my wallet. I'm not saying others have to do that, but it is an option and it has been fantastic for me.

In contrast to both of you I've had a great experience using Linux for gaming, both native and wrapped with Wine/PlayOnLinux/Crossover. A few games suck, but I'd reckon I've had about a 95% success rate. I've also had much better success using my Steam controller with various emulators without running Steam. That is nearly impossible on Windows as far as I can tell.


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Even PlayOnLinux has never worked right for me. My games are native or bust.


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My experience with wine has been that most games either run really well, or not at all.

Try some of the games on this list, most of those, I tested myself and they are relatively easy to install and play.

Also check out this youtube channel which frequently tests games on wine : https://www.youtube.com/user/mrdeathjr28/videos

And of course you should also check out the AppDB before attempting to run a game. I would recommend only bothering with games that other people rate gold or platinum. You don't want to waste effort on something that no one else has got running yet...

If you have no idea what you need to do, just read the wine faq for a bit. The least you should know is how to set up multiple wineprefixes, install winetricks and install a .exe from the command line. Also use the wine-staging version, instead of the regular one and select CSMT in the winecfg menu for slightly better performance. If you have a laptop with nvidia optimus, you should run games with primusrun.

If the ugly font rendering in wine bugs you, use this font smoothing script: https://pastebin.com/hcdwGB5f

Or if that doesn't work for you, try setting the font rendering in your distro to RGB with anti-aliasing. For example in XFCE that setting is under Appearance -> Fonts.