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Since your IO post is archived I am asking an unrelated question in this post.

It was my understanding that "O" was the symbol for the female womb (Isis), architecturally represented by the dome and "I" was the phallic symbol for male (Osiris), architecturally represented by the obelisk. Can you cue me in on why you are stating the opposite?


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my guess is there are 3-4 religious codes throughout english characters/words/phonetics/chronogram

I / O is actually numbers 1 and 0 = 10 = Egyptian/Jewish, but the concept of using numbers as letters, is roman occultism. I have not deciphered, only identified. For example, IHS symbol for Christ, allegedly. But as chronogram = Isis Horus Set. We can presume christian mysteries are not what many proclaim them to be. Some other examples of other 'religions' fusing ideas; Elohim = EL Ohm (remove Isis), and now you see EL for hebrew, and Ohm for Asiatic, Sinai ( pronounced China but with Set 'S'). China cults only cults to understand sound, motion, vibration before others discovered. Ying Yang is not opposites, it is an inversion and balance. But we are only led to think of simple minded 'dualism' versus multi-level plane(t) of existence. T is christian code added later to disguise word 'plane'. Jupiter is Lucifer... J and L mirrored.. say then outloud and you can see how different accents would hear it differently, but the same. I U Peter means J U Piter... And an "EL" to God, and now you have jew Gold etc.

Other examples include; Illuminati, a mix of Elohim + Christ..ianity. Letter Y is greek/roman (maybe golden dawn). Many letters are misused, or deliberately obscured symbols as numbers, glyphs, and whole semiotics and phonetics. Palestine (switch I / O) is Pale Stone = White Cube, IsaRaEL is Black Cube. Pale Stone could also reference Philosophers Stone... the 'white essence' (basically all white drugs created by pharmacology/CIA) stuff found inside all the pyramids before locked and cleaned out. 'i' lowercase is 1 and Human with enlightened mind. Little dot is sun or omicron or ayin.

It is a matter of context and usage of the word in order to decipher which 'religion' changed/coded the word. Biggest set back is figuring out how british/french druids mingled with celts and norsemen for first type of codex, Rune. And then think of greek, truscan (like italian). But Druids were magicians of body, and their symbols often meant alchemy and human body code. Meath is one letter from (M)earth, etc. New Grange writing is code formulas or something else. 'M' is both sigma and 'r' is hebrew for smart or thinking mind.

Many words need to be studied and aligned into categories of appearances, context of new and older usages. Figure out if people that used that word were conquered, or whatever, etc.

Brahma with A in front is Jews pretending to be Abraham, etc. Some are easy to find.


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Thanks for the thorough explanation.


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I get the I and O part but what the fuck are you talking about?


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Quoting from the Osiris/Isis post:


'Q' is I / O or 1/0 occultism with the symbols combine to make a Q.

A circle from Osiris combined with a line from Isis is the symbol Q

Still cabal magic

Q is leading people off cliff to populate 'other' internets for (internet.org = facebook 2.0)

I / O and 1 / 0 is still hermes = hermaphrodite = more trans humanism

Intel agencies make web 2.0 net unusable on purpose

Compromise all tech to force people into new paradigm

Still same attempt to flatten all progress outside of their control

in favor of tran humanistic agenda


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KEK is compromised as you may tell by how this photo is not available only after a few months


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What the fuck....