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So I made this tonight.

Meatballs were deer, pork, and beef mixed with garlic, onion powder, egg, and parsley.

Pesto is pretty standard - basil, Olive oil, garlic, Parmesan, lemon juice.

Cauliflower is riced and cooked with crimini mushrooms, cream, deer stock, and kalamatas.

And the dish was a little bland colored, so I made a small side salad with just oil and redwine vinegar.

It was a very filling and very tasty meal.


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What is keto? Ketosis is a fancy way of saying calorific deficiency. Here is the secret. Foods have calorific density, a given number of calories for a given amount of weight or volume.







You don't need to be so focused on fancy foods and odd combinations, nothing with calorie counting.

Just drink primarily water and eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables and you'll lose weight through 'ketosis', keto isn't a special idea or diet.

Do not eat meat. You can get your essential amino acids in fruits and vegetables, toss in an egg white into a cup of oatmeal once a day if you are really worried. You don't need exercise to lose weight either, though exercise is good, exercise increases appetite which will only make it harder to resist eating garbage.

You can eat your absolute fill of foods like kale, spinach and celery and you will lose weight.

Strangely, so far very few have been wise enough to hear this, they are certain they know better, but this is simple math. That plate of food you prepared is not how you should eat.

A bit of orange juice sprinkled on kale, delicious. Get several 4qt pyrex bowls, eat out of them. Do not eat meatballs, you are sabotaging yourself and listening to fools.


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Everything you said about ketosis is objectively wrong. It's a high fat diet that puts you out of glycosis (body feeds on glucose) and into ketosis (body feeds on fat). If you eat vegetables all day, you can never leave glycosis, you will experience muscle autophagy, and you'll constantly feel awful.


You probably won't watch this video, but if you want to actually learn why you're wrong, this is an excellent reference.


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What did you have on Day 1?


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Chicken legs and salad.