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Why the hands? I can think of something much more appropriate to remove.


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Seems fair. India has an actual rape culture. This is what happens when a place really turns a blind eye toward rape.


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https://archive.is/9oYfa :

Indian father allegedly cuts off the hands of teen accused of raping his infant daughter - The Washington Post

'Some fathers will do anything for their children, but one in the Bathing district of India allegedly took the idea of “outlaw justice” to its grotesque extreme. '

'The girl’s mother walked in on him allegedly molesting the infant in April 2014, the AFP reported. '

'The man, who turned himself in to police, said he took matters into his own hands fearing justice would not be served. '

'Two years ago, an unnamed then 14-year-old was accused of raping the 7-month-old daughter of Parminder Singh. '

'He promised to give the boy a ride to town on the back of his motorbike, The Indian Express reported. '

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