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Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide of 1915–1923, recalled sixteen young Armenian girls being "crucified" by their Ottoman tormentors. The film Auction of Souls (1919), which was based on her book Ravished Armenia, showed the victims nailed to crosses. However, almost 70 years later Mardiganian revealed to film historian Anthony Slide that the scene was inaccurate. She described what was actually an impalement. She stated that "The Turks didn't make their crosses like that. The Turks made little pointed crosses. They took the clothes off the girls. They made them bend down, and after raping them, they made them sit on the pointed wood, through the vagina. That's the way they killed – the Turks. (((Americans))) have made it a more civilized way. They can't show such terrible things."

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And they have the nerve to demand "tolerance" in Western nations.

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And the Young Turks have the audacity to sit and lecture anybody while denying this. Astounding.

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Islam huh? as I recall the major group behind the Armenian genocide was the Young Turks who's prominent leaders included (((Emmanuel Carasso Efendi))), (((Mehmet Cavit Bey))), and (((Marcel Samuel Raphael Cohen)))

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Jews have been using these shitstains as a personal, easy-to-motivate army of subhuman animals for centuries? Whodathunk!?

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From a movie.

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Half truth telling nigger faggot

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A movie that toned down what really happened, to not traumatize the audience.

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What movie?

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I question this photo I admit. I never question the macabre horror potential of Erdogan and the worldwide Islamists.

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I question this photo I admit.

Good, this is a photo from a movie.

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Jews did the Armenians in after exploiting their well known penchant for treachery.

The Turks do not deny the Armenians suffered, however they say they had it coming for siding with Russia in the 1915 Sarakamish campaign.

Prior to the 1914-1918 First World War Turkish politics had been infiltrated by Sephardic Jews called "The Young Turks," political power in Britain, France and Russia was similarly in the hands of Jews. Thus in 1915 Jew proxies in Russia attacked Turkey from the North, while Winston Churchill's British and French legions attacked at Gallipoli in the South.

The Turks repulsed the enemy on the Southern Front taking the lives of some one hundred and fifty thousand British, French, Australian and New Zealand troops, they conceded territory in the North however after the YT's sent an academic General from the Staff College, to replace the General Officer in command of the Northern Army.

In response to criticism of his decision to place the Army into winter quarters while the tactical situation was at a stalemate due to the weather, and while the Russian Army complete with its contingent of Armenian Nationalists, was similarly quartered on the other side of the Sarakamish Mountains.

The clown the YT's put in charge wanted to emulate Napoleon's crossing of the Alps and after declining to participate in a duel with the General he was sent to replace, ordered the army into the mountains during a blizzard in the middle of winter with inadequate clothing and footwear, whence some sixty thousand or so froze to death. Link.

Armenia has remained a proxy state of Russia thence Jews ever since, while the reprisals against the Armenians carried out in the name of Turkey now known as the Armenian Genocide, were coordinated by the same Young Turks agents of international Jewry who had started the trouble in the first place.

Who had worked in coordination with Jew proxy Churchill and the Jew dominated Russian leadership, to by way of war inherit what remained of the Ottoman Empire, and to provide an everlasting point of contention between Armenia and Turkey they would continue to exploit to their own ends.

Jews Plotted the Armenian Holocaust, by Nathanael Kapner.

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This is what the Jews have planned for all white gentile Americans if they give up their guns.

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Then everyone on the planet would be given free and open access to extinction capable weapons of mass destruction.

We should always sue for peace, but be prepared for MAD.

The lesson of Khrushchev's Ideological Subversion world conquest strategy is: the only thing that stops International Socialism is a people willing and able to initiate Mutually Assured Destruction against the commie fuckers.

When the Soviet Union imploded, their International Socialism dream metastasized globally rather than died with the evil bastards.

Death to commies.

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How did Mohamed die? Maybe we need to do some of our own reenactments.

Edit: Whoops, just read Kippering's comment. Let's just do the stake through the taint thing.
Gee, turns out Vlad the Impaler had it right.

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