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I have to disagree.

Even if you buy the proposition that downvoting is something that needs to be fought, and I'll grant there's an discussion to be had there, blanket stealth banning is not the way to go about it. Reddit was only a small part of my life, but it was a part. By banning me without notice, or recourse they have stated what my value is to them. That's fine. My life is not such that I will go where I'm treated so poorly.


[–] GOT 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Perhaps they want people like you to leave because you would maintain that you did nothing wrong or that you are looking for some personal treatment from a free service. I agree that shadowbans are clumsy and awful but I think they do work for getting people to reflect on their own behaviour and whether they are compatible with reddit. I wish they just had account suspensions with notification for brigading offences but I expect there is a tested reason that they don't do it. I think it is to do with creating too much dialogue.and work for them .