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I wish people would question more why the admins allow SRS to do the things they do. Why would the admins of one of the most popular social forums let this shit go on sitewide? Because they're all buddy-buddy? It doesn't add up. There is more going on here than meets the eye, I simply can't believe this begins and ends with a clique of neckbearded internet allstars. They allow it because it serves a specific purpose. Dilution, distraction, diversion of attention from real issues. Classic, proven propaganda techniques.

Did we all forget that in 2013, the "most addicted to Reddit" city was Elgin Air Force Base?


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Because the admins are SJWs themselves. They pretend to not pick sides, but they do. Look at the whole GamerGate drama. Shaddowbans allllllllll around. Ok, so people were cross posting between reddit and 4chan. There was no brigade going on. I was was browsing both sites at the same time.

The mods of r/gaming and the admin of reddit are the reason GamerGate blew up to such epic proportions. Really, I didn't give a shit about gaming journalism.... until I found out how corrupt the system was. I'd Google search a game to check it's reviews before I purchased it... These reviews have led to some pretty shitty purchases before. That's when I really quit paying attention to reviews and stuff like that.

Then the whole GG shit, and I finally understood why when I listened to reviews I'd end up purchasing a game that would be better off as a beer coaster than in my gaming console.


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Yeahhh but that's just too simple.. There is so much more at stake here, there is so much money in play from so many different entities. So much reach to relay a message to a wide audience, and possibly change or create their opinion on something. This does not just begin and end at "Admins are SJW, power-users/mods are all SJW". If nothing else gamergate proves they will bend the fuck over for the dollar sign, over even the most pathetic of issues.

If nothing else people should be reminded that sociopaths in general have a knack for obtaining positions of power, and will do anything to keep their seat. I believe that just like in politics and business, sociopaths have taken over a lot of Reddit. All half those people want to do is mod everything, and act superior/infallible to everyone as a result. The other half, well.. I think there's more to that story.