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Welcome to Voat!

I stopped using Gab when that massive faggot Torba banned Patrick Little. Voat is the only true free speech site I know of. Bitchute is cucked too so don't put too much faith in it.

Your username is very close to the pseudonym used by the man who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones btw. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

The name he gave was R.C.Christian

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You're highly perceptive and observed correctly. If you ever read the book by Richard Matheson called Somewhere In time the main character Richard Collier signed his name as R.C.Collier in the hotel check in book in the story. R.C Christian was a huge David Duke supporter, I read the book My Awakening and that was my redpill. I highly suggest you watch the documentary on tubi called Dark Clouds Over Elberton.

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You're highly perceptive and observed correctly.

What a nice compliment, thank you!

No I have never read that book, but I think I may have seen the movie with Christopher Reeve. The name also makes me think of Rosicrucian / Rose Croix / Rose Cross / Rosy Cross / Rosenkreuz. I will check out the documentary when I have some time to watch it, thanks for telling me about it. Downloading it now to watch offline later. Hope you have a good Sunday!

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Is there a pdf of that book online? “My Awakening”?

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What kind of bike you got? Surround sound? Workout? Ear fuck or have an obsession with poop?

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Don't have a bike, I don't fuck ears or have a poop fetish. That shit is nasty. Interesting questions though.

[–] Roughpatch ago 

You can stay

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So what took you so long to get here? Not like we're hiding or anything.

Which degenerate subreddit getting closed was the "last straw" for you to finally wake the fuck up? Most reddit refugees happily take it up the ass from admin until it affects them personally, so what faggot hill did you finally decide to die on over there.

Moreover, why the fuck should we care that you're only just now dropping by.

Fuck off. We're full.

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Dude I just heard about the place not too long ago Jesus. I left Reddit eons ago, it was being banned from Gab that got me here. You're entitled to your opinion but you need a huge attitude adjustment when I am simply coming on here and introducing myself in a friendly manner but that's okay be a pick.

[–] GenderPronoun ago 

Do you have a bitchute channel link?

[–] RCCollier [S] ago 


It ain't much but it's honest work. My book is linked as well.

[–] GenderPronoun ago 

My book is linked as well.

I see it now. Did you take some inspiration from Manson and Mason for the name "Final Order"?

[–] ragecage5000 ago 

Do you identify as a white nationalist the same way caitlyn jenner identifies as a woman?

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Real cute. Did you come up with that all by yourself?

[–] ragecage5000 ago 

Don't be butt hurt dude. It's just a joke.

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tl;dr NIGGER

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Get back to Reddit nigger

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Bro....I am not even black.....

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It's Ghostskins new alt! Fuck off loser.

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