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If you have thick skin, you'll probably fit in nicely here.

Having said that, fuck you Nigger Faggot yeasty scouring pad pubed cunt.

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Welcome, my friend.
This is gonna seem like a lot but it's worth it.


Watch the documentary and i think you will begin to understand the jews.

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Maybe, but for me it had me looking forward to and for that time to watch the next segment.

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Well. Your here & have a handle on the surface issues.

Find a rabbit hole & jump in.

Might wanna keep the twilight-zone music on speed dial

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Welcome to the sanest place on the internet.

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Niggerfaggots can't read. Also, we have rules? And do I have to read them? Also, for the holocaust... codoh.com

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fuck off were full

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This attitude is exactly why they get away with this shit. Instead of bringing whites together and making a stand you want to play and maintain some "cool kids" club. What a joke! United we stand divided you become a bitch to the niggers...smh

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your new here hu

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The earth is torroidal in shape and thus there is a habital inner earth that can be accessed through tunnels.

In this inner earth they too know to never trust the jew.

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Get fit and get past the black pill then you can unwind over at v/soapboxbanhammer

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Tbh, the pill isn't too very hard to swallow. I already believe the cabal, some secret group of people, or whatever you wish to call it, runs the world. There's just too much there for an intelligent mind to deny that.

I've argued for years that we are a modern day slave society, tied to debt that we get no choice in.

It's obvious that politicians don't pass laws to make life better for their constituents. A rational mind would ask why, and who are they making decisions for.

I could go on and on. With the knowledge and beliefs I had. It's not too much of a jump to replace the mysterious cabal heads with Jewish Zionists. As I learn more it actually makes logical sense when you see the direction the world is heading and the decisions by the elite.

So I'm not so sure the black pill will be so hard to swallow.

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The black pill must be recovered from to love effectively. That part is harder.

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