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Welcome aboard Niggerfaggot, sit back and lurk for a week or two, you’ll get the feel of the place

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Do you hate niggers, jews, spics, and brown people in general? If yes, Voat is all you could ever hope. otoh, the Qfags hang in v/QRV, and v/theawakening. Now fuck off we're full you cocksmoker.

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My belief is that God made the races separate for a reason. I'm not a racist but I'm against multiculturalism and race mixing. What is your guys deal about the jews? Seems so fanatical lol

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What is your guys deal about the jews?

Is that a fucking Seinfeld joke?

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basicaly do this.

is there something negative happening to white strait people...

now do a little researching... and

every single time their is a fucking JEW at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

uss liberty

1919 german civil war

start looking and you will see (((their))) agenda every where... my two things are jews brainwash the sheeple using



circumcision is an evil jewish religious ceremony with absolutely zero medical benefits

have a good day niggerfaggot and dont be a grammerkike

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Stick around for awhile and you may just find yourself agreeing. I wont try to explain in just this one comment. Just stick around and read voat general instead of holing up in QRV.

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Hmmm I give you two weeks tops before you change your mind on the Jewish problem, and become a nigger faggot goat as well.

Enjoy the stay, put your thick skin on, and enjoy the freedom to say anything, ANYTHING UNRESTRICTED.

Voat is unique in the world for that.

Because it's dangerous to the jews to let people speak FREELY and unobstructed.

You'll learn.

You've been warned.

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I don't really hate them, its more I hate them living in my nation, wasting the peoples money on supporting them. If they just stay in their shit hole countries there is no reason to hate them. Just keep them out.

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The holocaust is a lie, jews did 9/11, niggers have an average IQ of 85 in america, 65 in africa

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85 seems kind of generous

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that vast majority of american niggers have european blood in them

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nigger who can't read detected

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If the words "nigger" and "faggot" upset you, I got bad news for you son; the Jews did 9/11 and the holocaust is a lie.

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They're just words man. Those are some pretty bold claims. Can you even prove that? Lol

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Yes. Yes it has been proven that the holohaux is a lie! And yes, the jews, with traitors did 9/11.

Like everyone keeps telling you, lurk a while and you'll find out!

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'can you prove that?'


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Here you go.

There are tons of 9/11 documentaries out there so I'll let someone make a suggestion. Christopher Bolyn did some nice work on the matter. Ryan Dawson also did some docs.

If someone else sees this, can you please post that pdf of the Voat Red pill that was floating around here?

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Can you even prove that?

Ahh... yeah. Pretty conclusively for both. I try to avoid that kind of thing now, but if you're interested, I could proffer some info that'll make your head spin.

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Welcome newgerfag. I was a non political person who came here in 2015 after I couldn't stand the toxic, anti Christian, anti right atmosphere there and wanted an unfiltered feed of world news. Let me give you some advice: you will find many people with many opinions here, and not all will be insane. Take everything with a grain of salt but he willing to listen to facts. We value truth over emotion here and do not take kindly to censorship. Also, be aware that you may come across some truths here which will rock your worldview to the core. Pedogate, massive government corruption, the JQ, and unfiltered information about world war II will be some of the content you can expect to stumble across: though if you are part of the Cult of Q, then I assume you have already started your journey down the rabbi hole and have prepared yourself. Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, do there are many who are blackpilled here and only see doom and gloom, and many users are acidic, to say the least. Do not let them drag you down. Take this as a trial to strengthen your reslove and thicken your skin: you will need both and much more to endure what may lay ahead.

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I don't know what they told you it would be but the comments you've gotten so far is a lil taste test.

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Q is a useless larp niggorfaggot

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