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Prepped 8 months to introduce himself.

I know why I'm here.

To complain about how whites do nothing to stop our own genocide, right alongside the rest of us?

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What? Fuck that.

Want to watch the embers flame of righteous fallen? It is not a Pheonix. No magic or tricks. It's the reason I'm here. May the TRUTH set us free.

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I don't know how many 100% white kids you have already, but your people need you to make more.

Also you're a niggerfaggot

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Right, welcome...I was prepping my hello all this time...

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Thanks. Baaah.

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Don't forget to stop by and contibute to V/Thegreatoutdoors (It should be a default sub)

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I'm a gardner and love the water. Any good verses I need? Also 2A.

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v/JustGrowIt is a good sub. v/soapdoxbanhammer for all your shitposting needs.

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Hey! How did you make this submission? I try to make a submission but I get an error that I need 10 CCP? How does it work?

[–] icedutah ago 

Been a lurker for a couple years. Would love to contribute more often. This platform seems to be the best for uncensored content. That is a huge problem right now due to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How does one even post here? By that I mean start a thread. It always says I need CCP?

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Everything sucks asss

[–] Neon_neck ago 

Welcome 🙏

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