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Welcome to voat. Jews like Epstein and the Bronfmans and Anthony Weiner rape children and supply child sex slaves to the elite to blackmail them into doing israel's bidding. Black Americans have an average IQ 15 points lower than white Americans and are more crime prone because of genetic differences like the MAOA gene that causes blck brains to be built in a way that makes them more impulsive and aggressive on average. Enjoy your stay.

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If it took you this long you'll be setting your sail back to jewed-it before long. Besides, we're full so fuck off nigger

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Fuck off, we're full.

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It official then - Reddit condems free speech. This is one of the last places on the internet. But it can be really offensive. You need a thick skin to hang out here. But welcome aboard.

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It's official

It's been official for over 5 years.

What happened this time? Were you personally affected and decided it wasn't OK because it didn't only happen to others?

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Shut the fuck up and fuck off.

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Spez is a pedo

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yes he is!

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